What do you think?

“It isn’t in accomplishing something of greatness that you gain your worth; it’s in appreciating your true worth that imbues everything you do with great value.” – Michael Tamura

Holiday People Connections

During the holiday season, Many of us will be visiting, or
having visitors over. This time of year can be very charged,
emotion wise. You might want to pay special attention to your
connections with people. When greeting loved ones and friends, take a
little time to think about what is happening in this interaction.
You have the opportunity to look at someone in the eyes, and see
into their soul. You can take in their scent. When you touch, you
can feel their warmth, their life-force, the softness of their skin
and the hardness of their bones. In the hub-bub of the day, it is
nice to slow down and take in the moment, and notice the miracle that is every
one of us, and the gift of life that is so precious.

Consciously Relating to Your Body

“You can’t expect your body to serve you if you give it nothing to work with. The body of a middle-aged executive isn’t out to sabotage him when the man decides to shovel a foot of snow from his driveway. But if he has ignored his heart for years, there is danger in sudden hard exertion, perhaps fatal danger. The key to the body’s reliability lies in cooperation: only ask for as much as you have given. Compared with other intimate relationships, your body asks for a fraction of what it is willing to give in return. This is another area where it helps to personify your body instead of objectifying it. Think of your body as a willing worker who wants only a meager salary, but who cannot survive on nothing. The salary it asks for is paid in personal attention. If you genuinely want to cooperate with your body, paying it a little attention makes proper diet, exercise, and rest easy – you will be providing those things because you want your willing worker to be happily employed.”