About Forme

Forme Fitness was launched by Jeffrey Fischer in June of 2001. Prior to this, Jeff was a personal trainer at a small local gym in Marin. Jeff’s clients range from busy executive men and women, to stay-at-home moms. Jeff’s clients were not part of the gym scene as it was too crowded, wasn’t clean and just wasn’t a place that they wanted to spend time in . The idea for Forme was to create a small studio with room for two or three trainers and their clients. The studio would be clean and comfortable, almost like working out in your own home, without the distractions of home.

Jeff has been a trainer for 15 years. He was a competitive gymnast in high school and college, and as an adult has gravitated to running, biking, swimming and yoga. Jeff spent many years in the commercial insurance industry before being certified as a massage therapist in 1996 and a personal trainer in 1998.

Mary Sherman joined Forme in 2005. Mary has modern and ballet dance training. In addition to being certified as a personal trainer, she has over 25 years in pilates and mat pilates instruction. She has, and continues, to work with some of the pioneers of the pilates movement.

The philosophy behind Forme is being open minded and non-judgemental about fitness and wellness. There is no one path to wellness, but many. Basically, you should do what you love to do. You should to it with mindfulness (respect for your body), and this mindfulness will keep you healthier and injured less. This practice of mindfulness will transfer to all other aspects of your life. We employ many disciplines in our work, primarily: pilates and yoga, free weights, jump roping, hula hooping, running, skating and more.

Click on the photo to see the lovely view of the marina from our private studio in Sausalito, CA.

You can find me at jeffreyfischer.sf@gmail.com

One Response to About Forme

  1. Joy Glenwright says:

    Jeffrey has been working me out for the past 8 years and the difference in my life is immeasurable. He is a wonderful person as well as a great trainer. I couldn’t go a week without Jeff! I recommend him highly 🙂

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