Happy Holidays

Hi everybody!

We are winding down another year, and what a year it has been!  I’m continuing to be fascinated by the subtleties of gait, and the importance of keeping our feet strong, active and the 37 or so joints and bones moving.  My feet are being reborn as I spend more time barefoot,  balancing  on one foot and doing 3-D movement to get my feet and brain rewired to respond to the ground and to give my walking a sense of lightness and vitality that I haven’t experienced in years.  It is so rewarding to feel this work in my own body and to be able to say that we can effect change in our bodies, no matter how long we have been stuck in sub-optimal movement patterns.

So, 2015 is approaching,  and I have some rare openings in my schedule.  Let’s get a fitness program started for the new year.  Our health is our greatest asset. When you give your body the gift of time and conscious movement, it will reward you tenfold.  Give me a call  to set up a consultation.   I look forward to hearing from you.  Jeffrey. 415.596.6505