Getting Ready For Hip Surgery

I don’t know what I expected to feel when I needed a new hip.   It certainly was not what I was feeling. Yes,  it didn’t feel good to run or jump rope, but I kept feeling that muscles were overworking,  and that there was compensation going on in my gait.  That’s what the various Physical Therapists and body workers were telling me. I did see an Orthopedic doctor at Kaiser, and according to the x-rays, it was only a matter of time before I would need a hip replacement.  That was in August of 2012.  I continued to see various chiropractors and therapists who I was honest with, and some still felt that because of my good range of motion in the hip, there was a possibility that I could avoid surgery.  I always felt better after the therapy, but the relief would only last from a day to two or three days.   I was slowly losing more function, and saw another Kaiser Ortho (and got an updated hip x-ray).   The doctor was kind and direct, saying that the x-ray showed much more deterioration in the hip, and surgery was recommended.   So, after a couple of years of doing many types of repairative work, I now have to wrap my head around the total hip replacement I have scheduled for June 13.

About Jeff Fischer
I'm a certified personal trainer in the San Francisco Bay area.

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