The Unvarnished Truth About Sugar

Do you know that sugar, or some form of sugar, is an ingredient in many of the processed foods we buy from our supermarkets?

Did you know that in the past 114 years, the use of sugar rose from 5 to 155 pounds a year per person?

Many doctors and researchers agree that the regular consumption of commercially processed foods is the primary cause of adult-onset diabetes.  Processing takes a lot of the nutrients out of otherwise nutrient-rich foods. To make up for the loss of nutrients during processing, synthetic vitamins and minerals are added. So we lose out on the natural enzymes and nutrients these foods would normally contain. The most prevalent form of refined carbohydrate in the average American diet is refined sugar, which includes not only table sugar, but also sucrose, fructose, glucose, dextrose, and corn syrup, all of which are common food additives in processed foods. Processed foods also contain hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, artificial colors and food dyes, BHT (preservative), shellac, extra salt, sulfites, sodium benzoate, artificial sweeteners (aspartame), pesticides, hormones and antibiotic residues in animal foods. These ingredients are not good for your health.

About Jeff Fischer
I'm a certified personal trainer in the San Francisco Bay area.

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