A Better Sweetener

I found this piece on “Zen to Life” blog.  Blackstrap molasses is a great addition to our diet. Compared to  sugar or artificial sweeteners, molasses (non-sulfuric and organic) is a smart, nutrient-dense alternative.  There are several grades of molasses, which is made by boiling sugar cane one to three times.  What separates bootstrap molasses from mild or first molasses and second molasses?  Bootstrap is the third boiling, which removes most of the original sucrose, so there is a smaller amount of sugars remaining.  http://zentofitness.com/the-benefits-of-blackstrap-molasses/

What do you think?

“It isn’t in accomplishing something of greatness that you gain your worth; it’s in appreciating your true worth that imbues everything you do with great value.” – Michael Tamura

Combining Organic Healthy Diets with Exercise

I just got back from the 31st Eco Farm conference in Pacific Grove, California. I have been intrigued with farming, and now organic farming ever since I was a kid, when I grew flowers and vegetables around my house in Wisconsin. So, when I heard about this sustainable agriculture conference that is held each winter near Monterey, I just had to check it out. So here I was, a personal trainer from San Francisco among hippies and farmers and people who work very hard to grow high quality food.

I loved what I heard. There were seminars focusing on successful growers, giving tips for new farmers, seminars on attracting bees and other pollinators to your crops, composting, identifying beneficial insects…you name it. The people were generally in good shape, as organic farmers do alot more physical work keeping the crops weeded and generally doing everything without the benefit of pesticides and man made fertilizers, and maybe even heavy machinery.  People were gentle, well-spoken, and eager to share information about what they do.  I learned that community for these farmers are very important.  You want to foster relationships as a way to share information, as well as to share tools and labor, when needed.

This conference helped  me realize how interconnected the fitness industry and the sustainable food industry could and should be. Good health is a combination of what you put in your body, and how you move your body.   Knowing where your food comes from and knowing the benefits of organic food versus conventionally grown food leads to making conscious, healthy choices.    Organically grown food tastes better, has higher nutrient value because it is grown on healthier soils, and you are not ingesting harmful pesticide residues that are used on conventionally grown food.